At Movin’ Mountains we understand the trust that it takes to refer a client for services.  We take that trust seriously and aim to provide you and your clients with the highest level of care that they deserve.  Regular communication and collaboration with all team members is vital and one of our core values here at MM.

Easy to Refer

Here are a number of ways to easily refer clients:

  1. Complete the MM referral form and include the MM info sheets found below for the client. Our contact details are there so they can contact us directly or you can fax the referral to our Centre.
  2. Download this MM referral form and email or fax it to us.  We will contact the client directly for services. Download these MM info sheets found below to help educate the client on therapy options.
  3. Fax or email your own referral letter to 778-456-2020 or [email protected]. We will contact the client directly for services.

What Happens After You Refer

After receiving your referral form we will contact your client within one business day. Our front desk team will work with your client to find the best route of action for them, and help them navigate any funding streams as applicable. We also offer online booking if your client wishes to contact us immediately for an initial appointment. All of our therapists offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to answer any questions an individual may have prior to booking an initial appointment for themselves or their loved one.

After the initial assessment, you will be provided with a short summary (upon consent of the client).  We like to maintain open lines of communication with all team members and we are able to provide written summaries and reports as requested by you and the client.

What can your client expect from services?

  1. A comprehensive evaluation
  2. Customized therapy programs
  3. Strategies for the home, school and community as appropriate
  4. Adaptive equipment / alternative and augmentative communication recommendations and usage training as appropriate
  5. Continual guidance and support for family members and caregivers.

Find out more about our services for kids and adults.

Client Referral Expectations

Are all MM therapists governed by regulatory bodies?

Yes – all our therapists are registered under their respective Colleges.

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