Laurie Morelli-Valiquette

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Originally from the eastern township in Quebec, Laurie graduated from Sherbrooke’s University in 2022 with a master’s degree in Physiotherapy. She worked in a mother/child clinic in the first year of her practice working with the new parent clientele. She is passionate about women’s health and is very excited to provide pelvic floor services to the Rossland area. She specializes in post-partum and pre-partum concerns (management of scar tissues, diastasis, low-back pain, constipation), but also in management of urinary incontinence and prolapse.

She is also very interested in sports therapy and loves helping her patients get back to the different activities that truly matter to them. Whether you love running, walking, paddling, biking, climbing, skiing or snowboarding, Laurie will make sure you have all the tools and help you need to forget about your injuries when you are out there to just enjoy your activities. Her treatments are evidence based and focus on orthopedic assessment, manual therapy, patient education, and personalized progressive exercise program.