Katrina Smith

Clinical Counsellor - Adults and Teens
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I am passionate about mental health and wellness and my own personal mission of empowering and supporting those I work with aligns perfectly with the culture at MM, so I feel incredibly fortunate to have joined this incredible clinic.

My primary focus is anxiety and depression and understanding the role our complex histories and experiences have in how we experience stress and overwhelm and how we can learn to grow and flourish in tough situations. My clinical approach and experience roots primarily in cognitive behavioural therapies as well as client-centered approaches, focusing on mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion and behavioural regulation, resiliency and developing adaptive coping strategies

My quote: Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’M POSSIBLE!”– By focusing on the space just outside of our comfort zone we might be able to realize just how many opportunities lie ahead of us, and by seeing ourselves as capable of more, we can channel our mindset to growing into our full potential and I cannot think of anything more exciting than that!