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Growing up in South Africa, we did not have Thanksgiving to celebrate. I do not have all the warm fuzzy associations that come with this time of year (insert turkey smell wafting through the house, warm apple cider, corn maze fun…). That being said, it is an easy holiday to get behind and one that our family has fully embraced since making our life here in Canada – complete with little handprints plastered around the walls with things written on them for which we are grateful.

One thing that I am so grateful for is Movin’ Mountains and all the incredible people I get to meet every day as a therapist. People who continue to inspire me in ways I cannot begin to describe.

It is because of you that I learned about the power of being true to yourself, and the importance of taking the time to “Just Be”.

It is because of you that I learned to embrace who you are, because who you really are is AWESOME!

It is because of you that I celebrate every one of our uniqueness, talents and strengths.

It is because of you that I believe in the strength of true inclusion and diversity.

It is because of you that I see the value in the old adage “never, ever, ever give up”.

Thank you for all your daily life lessons that I am so privileged to share and experience with you.


From all of us at MM, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Tamsin, OT at MM

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