“No Longer A SECRET” Parent Presentation with Claire Tomsett

Claire Tomsett is an Australian-trained Occupational Therapist (OT) and the newest member of the Movin’ Mountains team. Claire joins us from Kootenay Kids Society in Nelson and recently had the opportunity to attend an intensive mentorship in Colorado to learn from OT experts in the field of sensory processing. Claire will be starting her service at MM with this special workshop series for parents.  Please contact us for more details: 778-456-0020, info@movinmountainstherapy.com

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10 Ways To Get Your Kids Movin’ and Loving it!

Sometimes it can feel like kids need encouragement to get outside and get movin’. It can be even harder to make this something they love and will strive to incorporate into their every day life. But if we can get those little ones into a routine that includes physical activity and outdoor activities, we might just set up a healthy routine that will be for life! 

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