What I am Thankful For…

Growing up in South Africa, we did not have Thanksgiving to celebrate. I do not have all the warm fuzzy associations that come with this time of year (insert turkey smell wafting through the house, warm apple cider, corn maze fun…). That being said, it is an easy holiday to get behind…

Incontinence Does Not Have to Be the New Normal

Bladder and bowel dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse (descent of the organs) and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction are all forms of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Find out the 5 things you need to know about PFD and how physio can help…

The Power of Fine Motor Skills

All children benefit from experiences that enhance the development of fine motor skills, not only in preparation for writing, but for things that we do EVERY DAY.  And developing those skills can and should be fun!

Building Bike Skills: Moving from Fear to Accomplishment

Remember when you first learned to ride your bike?  It was tough work to learn, but sure worth the pay off.  The fear or learning to ride was overridden (pun intended!) by the feeling of the wind in your hair and that great feeling of accomplishment that comes from learning something new.

Making the MM Dream a Reality

With a lot of courage and dedication we started to take the steps necessary to start the Movin’ Mountains Therapy Centre.

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