Creating the Calm: Teaching Kids Mindfulness 

What is mindfulness anyways? Well, it is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. So, it’s not denying your feelings or how your body feels but learning to stay calm in those moments. By ‘creating the calm’ we can focus on what we need and want to do without fear.

The Journey to Adulthood: Ten Ways to Build Independence for Your Teen on the Spectrum 

The road to adulthood is filled with transitions for every child.  For families with loved ones who also have Autism starting to develop independence skills at a young age can make a big difference in the way they will experience the learning curve to independence.

We Need to Talk About Pee, Poo and Sex…

Our bodies are complex and so pelvic rehabilitation requires individual, tailored treatments. This begins with the very personal story of each client but I will tell you that one thing every client does have in common is that pelvic floor conditions are really hard to talk about!

Co-Treatment Magic at MM

Let’s break it down: A co-treatment or co-treat means that different therapists are working together with a client at the same time.  The combination of therapy helps us reach the client’s goals in an efficient and holistic manner. By combining therapeutic programs we can have more impact on addressing the needs of the client.

Physical Activity: Are Your Kids Getting Enough?

Being physically active everyday helps to maintain a healthy body weight, builds stronger bones, improves fitness, increases self-confidence, and decreases the chances of developing diseases such as type 2 Diabetes and heart disease. It also helps with stress and anxiety and is a coping technique the whole family can participate in…

What is Anxiety Anyways? Ways to Fight the Need to Flee…

Anxiety disorders are now identified as the most common mental health illness in Canada. Simply put –  anxiety is our safety net. Anxiety is biologically put in place to keep us from harm. It activates when a part of our brain tells us to react fast without thought to either flee, freeze or fight. While the intention is to protect us, in reality, it can keeping us from doing the things we might enjoy doing or spending time with people that might be fun.

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