10 Ways To Get Your Kids Movin’ and Loving it!

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Anyone who has met me knows that I love keeping active and being in the great outdoors. I try to encourage my PT clients to explore ways they can incorporate physical exercise and outdoor activities for themselves and, most importantly, their kiddos.

Sometimes it can feel like kids need encouragement to get outside and get movin’. It can be even harder to make this something they love and will strive to incorporate into their every day life. But if we can get those little ones into a routine that includes physical activity and outdoor activities, we might just set up a healthy routine that will be for life!

I found this great article by Sarah Smeaton on “10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Love Moving”. That is exactly what we need to do! Encourage them to love it!

Some real gems in this article are tips on how to:

-encourage active transportation (bike, walk, skip to your destination!)

-get outside (there are lots of distractions that can keep kids inside so lets encourage outdoor play!)

-make activity and exercise is regular a part of your life (set regular times for family movement, choose childcare programs that emphasize movement, and expose your kids to a wide variety of sports and activities!)

-involve them in what you love to do to get movin’ (parents are important role models in physical activity!)

Interested? Check out the article here and make a plan to use these tips with your kids. The fall is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and try some new things to get your whole family movin’!

Amanda, PT

Did you know that Amanda competed for Canada at several international events and won a bronze medal in 2011 at the Pan American Games? Wow. No wonder Amanda is so passionate about making sure her clients enjoy the benefits of physical activities! Find out more about Amanda and how to book with her on our MM Team Page! 

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